Apr 132010

I ordered a dwarf Valencia orange tree for Kit for Christmas. I heard and received nothing for a couple weeks and sent an email to the company from whom I’d purchased the plant. Ty Wesley Hardin responded to my email and informed me that because the temperatures were below 28 degrees at night that they could not ship the plant. They would watch the temperatures and ship it when they warmed up. I accepted this and waited eagerly until spring.

Spring came around and the temperatures have easily stabilized in the above 40f range, and I sent an email asking if it would be shipping soon. I waited several days and heard nothing and decided it was time to call. Unfortunately, their website, dwarfcitrus.com, was offline. I checked websites that were possibly associated, including acornsprings.com and acornspringsfarms.com, and they were also offline.

I started googling and found a gentleman in a similar situation who had ordered around January. He was lucky enough to be able to file a dispute with AMEX. My claim was too old, and I had no recourse through the bank. I also found several addresses and phone numbers, but to no avail, they’d all been disconnected.

It seems like a terrible affront to human decency to me. If you’re going out of business, or filing bankruptcy, I think it’s your duty to have some humility and at least admit that you will not be filling peoples orders and that you have, essentially taken their money and squandered it… however you’ve done that.

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