Apr 252010

I’m in the conceptual stage of creating a homebrew beer plugin for WordPress. The requirements are as follows:

  • A side bar that shows a particular beer and it’s stats. It can be random, top rated, most recent, etc. It will display relevent stats like beer style, ABV (Automatically computed and/or manually entered), starting gravity, ending gravity, rating, etc.
  • A page that acts as a log of previous brews that allows users to sort by styles.
  • A grouping system to allow the user to name a particular recipe and then track that recipe through several attempts.
  • Recipe tracking.

I’m open to other suggestions, either with getting started in WordPress plugin writing, or similar plugins in other contexts that I might be able to look at as a code base.

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  1. Here’s a site that I’ve been using to cross check the brews we’ve already done, as well as screwing around with ideas or slight changes to recipes:


    Not sure if you can get the code of not, but something to compare with.

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