Technical Reading: – A list by Jeff Atwood I’d like to work my way through.

Git intro

Open source – Getting involved

VPNC on Android – Forum discussion

Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK

iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Arduino ScooterPuter

Beer Making:

Fine Vine Wines – Starter Kit

Northern Brewer

Don Osborn Beer Howtos

Beer Calculus

Beer Recipe – Prost! Weizen

Wine Recipe – Dandelion Wine

Cider Press plans

Cider grinder ideas


Pad thai

Thai green curry

Lime chiffon cake

Red Snapper Tacos

Interesting reads:

Maker’s Schedule

Solitude and Leadership


Evidential Reasoning:

Evidential reasoning for object recognition – Binford,  Thomas; Levitt, Tod

Expert Systems – Giarratano, Riley

Leisure Reading

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo – Larsson, Stieg

The Road – McCarthy, Cormac

Professional Development


The under-management epidemic: reclaim your primary role as ‘manager’ by using the five basics of management

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